What Is Proximity Key?

What Is Proximity Key?

by A proximity key (also called Smart Key, Push-to-Start, Keyless Go or Intelligent Key) is a remote shaped device that authorizes a keyless entrance and push-to-start ignition in your vehicle.

When owner is within the admissible radius, the keyless entry device interacts through combination of audio and infrared waves with your immobilization system to open and lock doors and trunk and even to start the engine while having the key in the pocket.

Way back in 1998, Mercedes-Benz was the first to outfit this technology in their vehicles.

At present, motor vehicle owners can take advantage of smart keys and push-start ignition on nearly all auto motive models and use functions such as remote start, mirror adjustment, automatic door opening and closing, alarm and many more.

keyless access key platforms on various manufacturers of cars

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